Meet SPRI Clinical Trials: A Premier International CRO

Founded in 1972, SPRI takes a completely hands-on approach to clinical trial design, planning and management. Our management team reviews each study on a weekly basis, identifying potential obstacles before they become problems. Each and every client is important to us — no matter the size or complexity of your clinical trial, count on the SPRI team to handle it effectively and efficiently.

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Why Choose SPRI?

SPRI Clinical Trials offers our clients several unique advantages. Here are just a few reasons why biopharmaceutical companies choose us for comprehensive CRO services:

  • All SPRI employees are fluent in English and the majority are fluent in three or more languages.
  • Over 72% of our operational team members have medical backgrounds.
  • Ongoing training ensures that our teams are current with industry practices and local regulations.
  • As a U.S. based organization with international operations, we help clients bridge cultural and communication gaps that sometimes occur when working across borders.
  • Our strategic offices in New York, Research Triangle Park, Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi and Minsk allow us to provide the insight and local expertise our clients need to run successful trials.
  • Fully established, strong strategic partnerships provide SPRI with a network of experts in each geographical or functional area, enabling us to secure efficient and timely project execution.