Clinical Logistics Management

Planning an international clinical trial? A logistics department can work magic in areas of the world where the paperwork and processes may otherwise prove cumbersome. SPRI’s in-house logistics team works closely with our regulatory and clinical management teams to ensure that study materials — including drug, lab kits and samples, equipment and other ancillary materials — clear customs in a timely manner.

No challenge is too big for SPRI Clinical Trials. Need to move a COBE Spectra from a hospital in Dubai to a hospital in Kyiv? Our team can make it happen.

Drug Depots

SPRI’s solid relationships with drug depots in a number of countries ensure that your clinical trial drug shipments are managed appropriately.

With SPRI Clinical Trials on your side, you can expect to find:

  • Qualified staff with solid SOPs
  • Clear chain of custody
  • Secure storage areas with limited access
  • Ambient, cold storage and freezer storage availability
  • Liquid nitrogen storage (available at many locations)
  • Temperature-monitored back-up power

Proactive Clinical Logistics Services

At SPRI, our logistics management team will be involved in trial discussions from the beginning, taking a proactive approach to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We’ll make sure that the clinical team has what they need, when they need it — whether you’re purchasing equipment or drugs in-country or need us to coordinate shipment from abroad.

Our strategic offices in the United States (New York and North Carolina), Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Belarus and strategic partnerships in Western Europe and Australasia, allow us to seamlessly navigate the logistical challenges associated with complex clinical trials. With SPRI on your side, you can trust your paperwork, drug shipments and other clinical trial logistics to be handled with efficiency and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more.