Clinical Project Management

Also called operations management, clinical project management is the cornerstone of effective trials — whether you’re working on a single-site Phase I study or a 200-site Phase III trial across multiple continents.

At SPRI Clinical Trials, our experienced project managers have the support of the senior management team and are empowered to make independent decisions. As your SPRI project managers assemble study timelines and budget, we’ll identify ways to improve operational efficiency and ensure the success of your clinical research.

A Proactive Approach to Clinical Operations Management

SPRI’s clinical project managers take a proactive approach in:

  • Motivating and training clinical sites to maximize patient enrollment and retention
  • Ensuring timely delivery of CRFs to ensure an efficient database lock
  • Facilitating communication flow at all levels
  • Regular tracking of study metrics
  • Early identification of emerging issues and potential solutions
  • Providing clear expectations to sites, clinical team, vendors and client

It’s always a challenge to integrate the functional components of a clinical trial and to provide tightly coordinated communication — but at SPRI, our experienced project managers are up to the task. We maintain a high level of interaction among all project teams, focusing on building strong relationships and adherence to study processes. Our goal is to streamline the communication process in order to avoid duplication and information overload, helping to deliver a more effective, more efficient research process.

Highly Qualified Clinical Project Managers

At SPRI Clinical Trials, our project managers have strong organizational and critical thinking skills, allowing them to quickly identify and solve potential challenges. On top of this foundation, SPRI provides ongoing training to ensure that our team is well-versed in ICH/GCP, FDA and EMA requirements, as well as local regulations.

Over 72% of our operational staff have medical backgrounds, allowing them to effectively mentor team members and work with clinical sites to ensure data compliance and quality. Ready to learn more about SPRI’s clinical project management services? Contact us today. With strategic offices in the United States (New York and North Carolina), Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Belarus and strategic partnerships in Western Europe and Australasia, SPRI Clinical Trials can effectively manage international studies of any size or complexity.