Medical Document Translation Services

SPRI’s in-house translation team is comprised of native speakers with a solid professional background in clinical trials. When you partner with us for technical document translation services, you can feel comfortable knowing that your documents will be handled with care and completed in a timely manner.

Because our translators are native speakers, you don’t have to worry about the awkward wording, literal translations and other communication mishaps that are so often associated with automated systems. Native speakers understand the nuances of the target language, allowing them to communicate the original message without compromising the integrity of the translation.

SPRI’s medical document translation capabilities include:

  • Informed consent
  • Investigator brochures
  • Pharmacy manuals
  • Protocol synopses
  • Protocols
  • Study-specific manuals

Consistent, Accurate Clinical Document Translations

At SPRI, our translators work exclusively on clinical trial documents, allowing them the opportunity to become proficient in the format and nuances of technical and scientific documents. With strategic offices in the United States (New York and North Carolina), Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Belarus and strategic partnerships in Western Europe and Australasia, SPRI Clinical Trials is able to translate the requirements of even the most complex clinical documents — contact us today to learn more.