Nick Vatakis, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Behind every successful company there is a risk tasker. With a growing private practice and a clinical site in Brooklyn, focusing on CNS, Dr. Vatakis took his expertise and with a partner started SPRI Clinical Trials in 1972. With over 200 trials as an investigator, Nick brings his understanding of the support required at the site level to his responsibilities as the CMO for SPRI. As a senior leader, Dr. Vatakis ensures a quality culture while providing sound medical and scientific input. During his down time Nick likes to pursue the road less traveled and enjoys getting off the beaten path to explore the history and culture of civilizations around the world.

Amy Rigney, MEd, President & Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer at SPRI, Ms. Rigney is responsible for the overall strategic development, implementation and oversight of global operations ensuring growth, profitability and quality deliverables. With a strong background in Public Health and Infectious Disease her priority is to bring safe new products to the forefront. Amy has over two decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry including leadership responsibilities for two approved hepatitis compounds. As an Advisory Board Member, she shares her knowledge and expertise to ensure the next generation of clinical research professionals are well equipped for the complex world of clinical development. In her spare time you can find Amy sitting on the deck enjoying a good book.

Chuck Griffith, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Griffith has served as SPRI’s Chief Financial Officer since 2007 and is responsible for the organization’s finance, budgets and contracts. Prior to joining SPRI Mr. Griffith handled two private equity buy-outs and managed numerous acquisitions. With more than 30 years in the world of finance Chuck understands one size doesn’t fit all and it is within that framework that he works with each client. An avid soccer fan Chuck can be found in the stands cheering on his favorite team or on the field coaching.

Nikita Mischenko, MD, Quality Assurance Manager

Before joining SPRI in 2010 Nikita led clinical teams and provided medical oversight at both the pharma and CRO level. Dr. Mischenko approaches QA from a systems approach and believes in collaboration and education as a means to ensuring quality. His commitment to quality at all levels has gained him the respect of his colleagues and peers. During his holidays you will find Nikita and his wife hiking in the mountains or sitting quietly by a lake enjoying the beauty nature offers.

Randy Corley, CCRC, Business Growth and Innovation

Mr. Corley brings more than 25 years of healthcare experience at the site, CRO, and sponsor level both domestically and globally. He has worked on over 200 Phase I-IV drug and device trials across multiple therapeutic areas. Randy’s knowledge and expertise make him a perfect fit to talk through your company’s needs to tailor what works for you. Companies find that strong relationships and providing a personal level of service is a cornerstone of Randy’s style. In his spare time you’ll find Randy out landscaping, relaxing by the pond, or spending time with his family.