Russia and Ukraine Cut Import Taxes, Red Tape for Clinical Trial Supplies

February 10th, 2016

Clinical trial professionals are applauding changes in regulations that make it easier and less expensive to conduct global clinical trials in Russia and Ukraine — two countries whose requirements had been provoking frustration and concern. As a follow-up to our recent webinar on this topic, let’s examine those changes and how they benefit biopharmaceutical companies evaluating new treatments and vaccines in development for our most challenging diseases, including cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Russia reduces duty charges for trial drugs. Russia has long been a highly ranked location for clinical trials for a trio of reasons — from speed of recruiting and quality clinical data to the combination of low trial costs and regulatory hurdles. Eager to continue hosting clinical trials, Russia recently made it even more affordable for companies to conduct trials in the world’s largest country.

In September 2014, Russia reduced the duty on supplies of drugs imported for clinical trials. Duty charges dropped to 5.3 percent from 7.7 percent for chemically synthesized drugs, and remained at 3 percent for biological drugs. The Duty Paid Value of 10 percent must be paid in addition to the landed costs.

Ukraine eases import requirements, cuts duty charges. Ukraine — keen to align with EU standards and good clinical practices — went a step further in facilitating the importation of IMP. By significantly easing import regulations and dramatically reducing duty charges for trial drugs, Ukraine has made it easier and more affordable to bring clinical trials to this Eastern European nation…

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