Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinical Trials

The biopharmaceutical industry faces significant hurdles in developing new compounds for endocrine/metabolic-related diseases. Patient safety, particularly cardiovascular risk, is of utmost concern with these therapies. Because of these associated risks, large-scale international clinical endocrinology studies are often required to yield positive statistical results in order to obtain regulatory approval.

Experienced Management of Global Endocrinology Studies

At SPRI Clinical Trials, we understand the regulatory hurdles inherent in global endocrinology studies and employ a dedicated team of feasibility experts to proactively identify issues and mitigate risks.

Our clinical endocrinology professionals diligently stay abreast of the ever-changing regulatory guidance related to this field of clinical research. Partner with SPRI to design and execute your Phase I – IV growth hormone and diabetes studies — put our expertise to work for you.

With strategic offices in the United States (New York and North Carolina), Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Belarus and strategic partnerships in Western Europe and Australasia, SPRI Clinical Trials is able to effectively and efficiently manage the challenges associated with international pediatric and adult diabetes trials. Contact us today to learn more about our full suite of CRO services for endocrinology trials.