Clinical Research Site Selection Services

Need to expedite your clinical trial? Before patient recruitment can begin, we must first identify and select the correct investigative site.

The Site Selection Process

The SPRI feasibility team begins by examining our established site relationships, assessing each one based on previous performance (quality and quantity), patient population and interest. The clinicians know that our team values their insight, and provide open and honest dialogue regarding the proposed trial design — how it fits within their site setting and within the regulatory environment of the area, as well as how it will be received by their patients.

Once information has been collected across a broad range of clinical settings, the SPRI feasibility team will collaborate with our clinical team to review the information and compare it against protocol criteria, after which we will provide you with our clinical research site recommendations. We believe that thorough feasibility assessments determine and set up the right project expectations. Our clinical trial feasibility experts know the nuances of assessments and provide only realistic enrollment projections.

Key Criteria

SPRI’s key criteria for clinical study site selection includes:

  • Clinician’s level of experience
  • Investigator interest
  • Patient population
  • Enrollment history

SPRI Clinical Trials: Exceeding Expectations

If you review our feasibility numbers against our actual clinical trial enrollment statistics, you’ll find that SPRI has a history of exceeding enrollment expectations. We believe that through ongoing support, our clinical team creates an environment of success.

To learn more about SPRI’s clinical research site selection services, contact us today.